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Where to find the best street food in Bangkok

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If you’ve never been to Bangkok and you into eating, prepare yourself because there’s nothing quite like the food in Thailand’s capital. Often considered one of the best places to eat in the world, you can hardly turn a corner without bumping into something sizzling or bubbling away on the streets. Without a doubt, Bangkok is the street food capital of the world, but not all food is made equal.

You could join one of our Bangkok street food tours of go it alone. Here’s 3 different districts you shouldn’t miss if you’re looking for the best street food in Bangkok. Pull up a colourful little plastic stall, grab some cutlery and get your taste buds ready for the ride.

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Yaowarat / Chinatown

Let’s kick off with a biggie. If you’ve got just one evening to delve into Bangkok street food, make it Yaowarat, the capital’s Chinatown. To many this might come as a surprise. Why visit Thailand and eat in Chinatown? Chinese influence over centuries of immigration has permeated almost every part of Thai culture including the cuisine. Many Thai dishes’ roots can be traced back to the Asian behemoth.

Don’t come expecting the type of Cantonese cuisine you might find in your local takeaway, there’s some seriously good Sino-Thai street eats getting served up along the neon-light main drag and backstreets of Yaowarat. Look out for steamy bowls of peppery kway chap noodle soup, piles of colourful crabs being mercilessly devoured by hungry Bangkokians, delicate birds’ nest soup and all types of meat sizzling over charcoal. If you’re looking for the best street food in Bangkok, you’ve just found it.

How to get to Yaowarat

The easiest way to reach Yaowarat is taking the MRT subway to Hua Lamphong station and then hopping on a 5-minute taxi or tuk tuk ride.

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Victory Monument

The capital’s transport hub is awash with street vendors and tiny eateries. This isn’t a place for fine dining, nor is it first-date proof. The ramshackle markets that lead off the main roundabout may not be pretty but nab one of the tiny tables that sit next to the rickety old stands and you’ll find some of the best street food in Bangkok.

Alternatively, make a beeline for the row of boat noodle shops that line the canal nearby and dive into 15-baht bowls of silky white rice noodles topped with beef balls, crispy pork and a rich, dark broth. Trust us, one is never enough.

The province of Issan might be 500 miles north of the capital, but that hasn’t stopped the little restaurants flanking nearby Soi Rang Nam from knocking out some fine North-eastern Thai food. Expect zingy papaya salads, grilled pork and crispy fried fish.

How to get to Victory Monument

The quickest way to get to Victory Monument is via the BTS Skytain which stops right at the heart of the foodie beast. Take the steps down any of the exits and follow your nose.

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Nang Loeng Market

Nang Loeng Market is little visited by foreigners other than those joining one of our exclusive Bangkok food tours. This is somewhat of a surprise as it’s close to the infamous backpacker district Khao San Road and churns out some of the best street food in Bangkok.

Come hungry because it’s hard to resist feasting your way through Bangkok street food here where everything from green curries to grilled Thai sausage have been refined since the indoor market opened in the late 19th-century. While you’re there, be sure to take some time to wander around the peaceful old district and visit what’s left of Bangkok’s oldest silent cinema. Don’t leave without gorging on the desserts. Expect bananas slow cooked in sticky syrup, pandan leaf cakes, kanom buang Thai crepes and steamed coconut cups.

How to get to Nang Loeng

There’s no public transport to get to Nang Loeng Market, so your best bet is jumping into a tuk tuk or taxi.

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