Searching high and low to find the perfect food tasting tours?

We started A Chef’s Tour with one simple aim. To create food tours good enough for chefs.
After travelling the world over, we became bored with the same mediocre food tour experiences. We wanted a tour which helped us really understand regional food, its history and the ingredients being used. A tour which pushed our limits and didn’t pander to western palates. A tour which avoided tourist traps and took us to the heart of the areas cuisine. A tour led by chefs, cooks and foodies.

Unlike other companies, we’re hands on. Before a food tour goes on sale, we head there first. We eat. We explore. We talk to locals, restaurateur and food experts. Finally, with our guide and their unique knowledge we help curate an exceptional experience we know you’re going to love.

Meet our Team

While we come from different backgrounds, all of our team members around the world share a passion for food, and providing you with the most amazing food experiences.

Jamie is a foodie with a sweet tooth, so will take any excuse to try the sweet treats on the tours! Gets overly excited when baking bread.

Jamie Green


Luke has yet to find a food too strange or terrifying that he won't give it a try at least once. A fearless gastronomic adventurer.

Luke Charny


Shailesh knows the food scene in Mumbai better than anyone. Born in Dharavi, they've seen big shifts in old Bombay, but the street food stays delightfully unchanged. Over the years, he's dived into every nook and cranny seeking out the best places to e...

Shailesh Jethva

A Chef's Tour Guide

Born and bred in the city, Charlotte has a deep understanding of Singaporean cuisine and eating culture. Join her on our Singapore food tour to sample some of the best dishes in the city.

Charlotte Chu

A Chef's Tour Guide

There's no one more qualified to guide you on a small-group Kuala Lumpur food tour that Chef Faris. Born and bred in the city and with a deep understanding about the complexities of Malaysian cuisine, what he doesn't know isn't worth knowing.

Chef Faris

A Chef's Tour Guide

Hing is the young buck of our expert team of guides in Bangkok. Despite his youth he has a wealth of knowledge and insights on Bangkok food. He has worked at his parent's food stand for many years, and we know he learned from the best,as their stand is...


A Chef's Tour Guide

When it comes to Myanmar cuisine and Yangon’s foodie scene, no one knows it better than our guide Matthew and his team of culinary guides. Join him on his daily Yangon food tour to get to grips with the delicious yet little-known dishes in the city.

Matthew Win

A Chef's Tour Guide

Moui hails from Lampang, but has called Chaing Mai home for over 20 years. With a passion for Northern Thai cuisine and cooking, Moui knows where to eat in Chiang Mai and the hidden spots you'd never find alone.

Moui Tipsribud

A Chef's Tour Guide

Calm, patient, and ridiculously knowledgeable about Indian cuisine, Gajendra is the man to know when you’re delving into Delhi’s food scene. He knows ever bylane, back alley and best places to eat in the Old Town. If you join him on his Delhi food tour,...

Gajendra Rathore

A Chef's Tour Guide

Avik is the coolest cat in Calcutta and knows the streets like the back of his hand. Not only does he insist that Bengali food is the finest in India, he knows the best places to eat in Kolkata. Avik is the guide to show you the real Kolkata from ground...

Avik Mitra

A Chef's Tour Guide

Born and bred in the capital, what Lina doesn't know about Colombian cuisine isn't worth knowing. Join her on our daily Bogota food tour to get to grips with the city's cuisine from historic eateries and local joints to upmarket restaurants.

Lina Burgos

A Chef's Tour Guide

Pema is a Phuket Island native with a big smile and deep love of Southern Thai food and culture. She loves meeting new people and showing them the best places to eat in Phuket, especially the hidden little eateries tourists overlook. Join her on a Phuke...

Pema Juanjenkit

A Chef's Tour Guide

Lulu is a true pro. Born and bred in the city, she's knows the foodie scene like the back of her hand. Follow her lead and she'll take you through a culinary adventure on her Hong Kong food tour.

Lulu Ka Lo

A Chef's Tour Guide

Nutth is a foodie, restaurateur, chef, licensed Bangkok street food tour guide with a passion for Thai cuisine and knows where to eat in Bangkok. He’s been in the game for over 20 years and what he doesn’t know about Thai food isn’t worth knowing. Join ...

Chef Nutth

A Chef's Tour Guide

If you are lucky enough to have a tour with Andy, you are in for a treat. He has decades of experience guiding both in Thailand and around the world, but he is happiest when back in his home town of Bangkok, helping you to find the best foodie spots and...


A Chef's Tour Guide