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Our site is encrypted using HTTPS, and all our payments are handled by payment processor Stripe. We are a company registered in England and Wales, and our company number is: 08329560
No, all food is included in the tours (unless otherwise stated), as is bottled water and soft drinks. Several tours include alcoholic drinks, though this will be stated clearly on the tour page. Alcoholic drinks can only be served to those who are over the age in accordance with the drinking laws in that particularly country.
Our name stems from our original guide in Bangkok who was a Thai chef for many years. We've found that although chefs know about their cuisine, they don't always make great guides if they don't have a guide license. All of our guides are passionate foodies with an intimate knowledge of their native cuisine.
All our tours are currently run in English worldwide, although of course our guides speak the local language (and will be happy to teach you a bit of the basics if you wish). For whole group tour bookings in other languages we are happy to try and find a local translator if essential. Please book your tour as early as possible in this instance to give us time to make arrangements. Please contact us at to confirm.
Depending on the tour, our minimum group numbers are usually 2 guests. In the unlikely event that the tour doesn't reach the required guest numbers, we will be in contact to either change your booking to another day or offer a full refund, whichever suits you best. If you would like to find our the number of guests on a particular departure, please contact us at
To ensure the best possible service, our group tours are always small and usually have a maximum of between 8 and 12 guests. Please check the tour page for the maximum number of guests on that particularly tour. In some cases, we have more than one guide per tour allowing for a more intimate experience. Our small groups allow us access to the best foodie spots in town, many of which are street vendors or tiny establishments. Should you be travelling in a larger group and all wish to take the tour together then of course we can arrange for you to do so if you let us know before booking. Contact us at to enquire.
You are welcome to book a private tour with our guide. Please contact us at for more details and a quote.
Yes! We can provide you with a gift certificate to any value you wish. Simply get in touch with us at and we can get it set up for you.
In most cases, our tours can cater to those with disabilities, and we will do everything we can to make sure you can join the tour if at all possible. However, before booking, please contact us at to confirm.
Our tours, in the most part, welcome families and children of all ages. The pricing ages of children differ between tours. Some, particularly those where alcohol is involved, are only suitable for adults. You can check an individual tour page to find out whether children are suitable for the tour or not. If you have any questions, you can always email us at
All our tours are either district based walking tours or combine walking and public transport (tuktuk, taxi, bus, scooter, metro etc) depending on how far you need to travel for the most delicious meals. None of the tours will be too physically demanding as we want you to relax and enjoy yourselves as you eat your way around town. If you have any concerns about how strenuous a tour may be, please contact us at
To ensure that guests have the maximum time eating and exploring we include an easy-to-find meeting point for each tour (instead of spending time picking up each guest from hotels around the city which can take up valuable time). The meeting point is shown on your ticket and directions will be written in the local language to show a taxi driver. If you have any concerns about finding the meeting point, feel free to get in touch in advance. On the day you can also contact your guide with the details provided on the ticket (telephone, WhatsApp or email).
Under most circumstances tours will continue to be run even if the weather isn’t quite as perfect as we’d all like it to be on holiday. Most tours feature indoor and undercover dining along the way and your guide may change the tours itinerary slightly to suit such occasions. Please bring an umbrella during rainy season. However, if tours are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, your guide will contact you. If you have any concerns about the weather, you can either contact us at or your guide directly on the contact details provided on the ticket.
Our tours typically cover a wide variety of food and we can cater to most dietary requirements. If you have any allergies, whether serious or not, please contact us prior to making a booking on We don't like to disappoint, but safety of our customers is, of course, our first priority, so we will talk through with our guide to ensure that we can safely operate the food tour for you. The nature of street food means that we cannot 100% guarantee that traces of anything won't be found in dishes. You may also be asked to sign a waiver and we would ask that you bring any medication you might need such as an epipen.
Your guides contact information will be on your ticket should you need it, but otherwise no re-confirmation is necessary and all you need to do is be at the meeting point at the correct time to begin the tour.
Please print off your ticket or download it to your phone and bring it with you. Don't worry, should this be forgotten, you won't be penalized, although our guide may need to contact head office to confirm.
After booking, you will receive your ticket by email. This will include the date of departure, meeting point details and your guides contact details amongst other information. In the upcoming days before departure, you will also receive several reminders about your trip. For any details, we're always available at
Please ensure you arrive promptly for your tour. If you are new to the area and traffic is busy we advise aiming to arrive at the meeting point earlier than the start time on your booking confirmation. To ensure the other guests reach every food spot, our guides will wait up to 15 minutes for late arrivals before they depart with the other guests. They will do everything to help you join them later in the experience. Should you be running late, please contact your guide locally on the contact details (telephone, WhatsApp or email) to arrange a meeting point later in the tour. Our guides will do everything in their power to arrange for you to join the trip as soon as possible, but please be aware that there is no refund available for late arrivals or no shows.
Should you wish to change the date of your tour please email us at and we will be happy to help make these changes for you, provided that we can fit you in. Date changes must be outside the cancellation period for your particular tour.
We're sorry to hear that. Should you wish to cancel your booking please send us an email to If it is outside the cancellation window, we will send youa full refund right away. Please check individual tour pages for the cancellation policy of your tour.
Our guides are well paid and will not ask you for a tip. Should you still wish to tip, that is totally at your discretion, and your guide will certainly appreciate it, but it is not required and you should not feel obliged to.
If you have a problem during the tour, in the first instance please talk directly to your guide. They are trained as tourist guides and will most likely be able to solve the problem allowing you to enjoy the rest of your tour. However, if the problem persists and your have a complaint to make afterwards, please contact us at and we will look into it for you right away.
First off, we're thrilled that you'd like to share your photos with us. Please send them to and we'll happily upload them to the website or share them on social media. Please feel free to upload them to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and tag @achefstour.
Once the tour has finished, we will follow up to check whether the tour met your expectations. We endeavor to ensure that every guest has an amazing time. If you have any feedback, good or bad, we'd love to hear from you as it helps us to improve. Either reply to the feedback email, or send your comments directly to
In the unlikely event you are having problems with the website, contact us at and we'll look into it right away. We can make, cancel or amend bookings for you directly. If you have already booked a tour please mark the email as “urgent” so that nothing stops us making the necessary arrangements in time.
Great stuff! Over the coming months, we're going to be opening many more food tours around the world and we'd love to let you know. Send us an email to to sign up to our newsletter, and/or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.