The best places to eat in Bogota

Scratch the surface of Colombia's capital and you'll find a mouth-watering culinary scene.

12 July 2019 / Jamie G. / Bogota

Colombia has undergone something of a transformation in recent times. Having emerged from over 50 years of civil war, the country is rightly top of many must-visit destination lists, with a vibrant culture, incredibly friendly locals and a mouth-watering culinary scene.

Though it might not enjoy the prestige of its Latin American counterparts Mexico and Peru, Colombian gastronomy is now coming into its own and you'll find out why on our highly-rated Bogota food tour.

As the home of more than seven million people and the bustling capital of this exciting nation, it’s no surprise that Bogotá has more than its fair shares of excellent eateries.

While some, such as Andrés Carne de Res, Criterión and Harry Sasson might steal the accolades and the column inches, there are plenty of hidden gems, fledgling restaurants and street food stalls which offer equally delectable delicacies.

Here’s a rundown of the best places to eat in Bogota.

Maria Candelaria

Carrera 4 No 8-58

This lovely little gem of a family restaurant is tucked away in the side streets of La Candelaria and though it might be tricky to track down, it’s well worth the effort.

The food is traditional home-cooked fare, with a stuffed chicken breast to die for and a chocolate volcano that has to be tasted to be believed.

But aside from the cuisine, the quaint décor and grandmotherly service will make you feel right at home among nostalgic settings.

Sandwich Taller

Carrera 4ª No 26b-34

Is there anything that two slices of bread can’t improve? Not according to the owners of Sandwich Taller, who have harnessed all of the culinary delights of the Caribbean coast, then stuffed them inside homemade buns for a truly terrific taste experience.

As well as the local fare, there are also some creative creations from other parts of the world, including a US-inspired pork belly number with crunchy onions, coleslaw and mustard and a Middle Eastern-influenced falafel option.

Mercado de Paloquemao

Calle 19 No 25-04

It’s hardly a secret amongst locals, but this traditional farmer’s market is not your typical tourist destination. Despite that, it’s pretty much a must-visit during your time in the Colombian capital thanks to the unique insight into local culture and cuisine it offers.

Like many of its South American neighbours, Colombia has an incredibly diverse array of fruit on offer and Paloquemao is perhaps the best place to sample it, while its food stalls and cafes are a great option for a more substantial meal.

Castro Cocina

Calle 56 No 4a-53

+57 315 3338456

Bogotá boasts an unusual but unmissable clandestine supper club scene, with restaurants which only pop up on certain days of the week or month. Castro Cocina, open every Thursday, is one of the best.

Started by a journalist who decided he preferred a career in gastronomy, the restaurant’s menu includes an appetiser, a soup, two main items, a dessert and unlimited wine. For best results, arrive with an empty stomach.

Doña Elvira

Calle 50, No 20-26

Founded in the Chapinero neighbourhood in 1934, Doña Elvira now boasts two locations which serve the best of Colombian cuisine in relaxed and understated environs.

Menu options include such local delicacies as roasted pork chops cooked in cola, stuffed chicken necks, fish stew or, for those who simply can’t settle upon a single item, the mixed platter provides an overview of everything this excellent eatery has to offer.

Agave Azul

Carrera 3ª, No 26b-52

+57 315 2770329

Visit Website

This Mexican locale lends a whole meaning to the term “hidden gem”. Upon making a reservation, you’ll be given detailed directions to an unmarked door in the neighbourhood of Macarena, through which you’ll need to circumnavigate several others before you arrive in the restaurant.

What’s more, you won’t be presented with a menu at all; instead the chef will simply keep serving small plates of exquisite food until you declare yourself full. Sound unusual? It is… and it’s incredible.

Still confused about the best places to eat in Bogota? Join this daily Bogota food tour to learn the origins and history of Colombia cuisine with an expert local food guide. You won't regret it.

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