Where to find the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok

Level up your dessert game with arguably the world's finest - khao niao ma muang.

20 March 2021 / Noah Z. / Bangkok

This is our guide to finding the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok, though we'll take you for some of the best on our Bangkok food tour.

If you are unfamiliar with Thai cuisine, you may find yourself asking, what is mango sticky rice?

Known as khao niao ma muang in Thai, this deceivingly simple plate of mangos and sweet coconut rice topped with more coconut cream and mung beans has achieved legendary status among those who visit. It stands to reason that Thailand is known for the best sticky rice and the sweetest mangoes in all the world.

In a country where you can find mango with sticky rice on every corner, you have to know where to look to find the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok. The stalls, shops, and street vendors with the best mango sticky rice desserts don’t have any fancy signage, nor do they often get published in books. It’s the flavour of their dessert that really sets them apart and draws the crowds.

If you want to have mango sticky rice in Bangkok, be sure to make a point of visiting one of the places below. They are worth the legwork to find.

Kor Panich Sticky Rice

431-433 Thanon Tanao

+66 2 221 3554

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This legendary food vendor is known for having the most famous mango sticky rice in Bangkok. Kor Panich is the only place in the city to be listed in the Michelin Bib Gourmand Bangkok for its mango with sticky rice dish.

It was popular before this honour, but this designation has elevated Kor Panich to legendary status.

In business for over 80 years, this simple storefront uses a secret family recipe passed down for generations. Some even say that the recipe comes straight out of the royal kitchen where the owner’s mother-in-law once worked.

In fact, reportedly the royal family has been known to visit the restaurant from time to time.

Located in the proximity of many of Bangkok's most famous temples, it makes a perfect rest stop to relax and refuel after a day of walking around the city.

After all, doesn’t it make sense to eat the most famous mango sticky rice in Bangkok while seeing the most famous sites in the city?

Yod Thong

Thanon Sena Nikhom 1

+66 91 415 2662

Yod Thong, which translates to ‘Golden Leaf’, is another place to get some of the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok. They have over four decades of experience in the business of selling delicious mango sticky rice desserts and are still going strong today.

One of their secrets to success is adding pandan leaves to the rice they bring in from Chiang Rai, giving a beautiful fragrance.

Pandan is a tropical plant found in Southeast Asia and finds a way into many sweet dishes. The flavour is described as a sweet mix of vanilla and coconut.

Yod Thong also makes a point to not add any water to their coconut cream during the cooking process for a thick, gooey, delicious mixture that complements the mango, sticky rice, and pandan well.

Yod Thong's stall is set up northeast of Central Bangkok, but don’t let a little distance stop you from getting your hands on some of the top mango sticky rice in all of Thailand. They may not have any seating available inside the shop, but it is still well worth the trip.

Muhammad Rod Dee

24 Soi Phatthanakan 53

+66 87 748 3289

When it comes to Muhammad Rod Dee, the name really says it all.

Meaning ‘tastes good’ in Thai, this delightful storefront with the large mango out front is another location that offers some of the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok.

In business for over 40 years, Muhammad Rod Dee easily stands toe-to-toe with the other top mango sticky rice dessert restaurants in the city.

They definitely know how to capture the rice's salty sweetness with a juicy mango and just the right amount of coconut cream.

Their mango with sticky rice is made for takeaway, but there are a few stools out front to take advantage of if you’re ready to eat.

Be aware that their pricing is based on weight and not on a portion size, but the pricing is still reasonable.

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Je Meaw Sukhumvit 38

Sukhumvit Soi 38

The area around Je Meaw Sukhumvit 38 turns into a bustling market as dark approaches and is a great place to try all different kinds of Thai dishes. The stall, which is owned and run by two sisters, is undoubtedly the top mango sticky rice dessert vendor in the area.

This stall materialises in the evening, bringing with them their delicious mango with sticky rice. Don’t let the street vendor façade fool you - Je Meaw Sukhumvit 38 does not compromise on the quality.

Street vendors such as Je Meaw Sukhumvit typically don’t shy away from large portions while still delivering some of the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok at a price that’s hard to beat.

The easiest way to reach the spot is to get off at Thong Lo BTS and walk down through Soi 38. The vendor sits next to a wanton noodle vendor.

Cho Sornkaew

33/500 Chok Chai 4 Soi 54

+66 29 31 0000

For a more colourful take on mango sticky rice in Bangkok, look no further than Cho Sornkaew. This delightful storefront is known for its different flavours of sticky rice that come from natural ingredients like strawberries, blueberries, and oranges.

The restaurant has been a staple in the area for over 30 years and keeps developing new flavours over time.

It’s possible to order a plate of sticky rice with three different rice flavours, or you can splurge a little and try all nine.

The location is quite far from the city centre, but with a unique spin on the dish and many people insisting it’s the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok, it definitely warrants a look.

Mango with sticky rice will never look or taste the same way again!

Boonsap Thai Desserts

1478 Soi Charoen Krung 46

+66 2 234 4086

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You'd be “lucky” to grab some mango with sticky rice at Boonsap Thai Desserts, considering that's precisely what the name boonsap means.

Boonsap Thai Desserts is another restaurant steeped in tradition, having over eight decades of service under its belt. It’s this history that makes Boonsap super popular with the locals.

The mango sticky rice shophouse is especially known for its thickened coconut milk, but all its ingredients are of the highest quality. They have a small eating space, but most of their offerings are available for takeaway.

Boonsap does have many delicious desserts, but when it comes to mango sticky rice in Bangkok, Boonsap Thai Desserts has it figured out.

On the edge of the city's core, Boonsap Thai Desserts sits on a popular road known for many other famous eateries, making this area an excellent place for dinner as well. Just make sure to visit this shop when the time comes for dessert.

Mae Varee Sweet Sticky Rice

1 Thonglor Road

+66 2 392 4804

Mae Varee (sometimes spelled Maewaree) is another vendor with some of the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok.

Mae Varee has been dishing out their mango sticky rice dessert for over 20 years. Until a few years ago, the storefront was open 24 hours, but they have since scaled back slightly.

In addition to using the best ingredients for mango sticky rice in Thailand, Mae Varee also serves the dish in a variety of other flavours like pandan, green tea and the very unusual turmeric.

For better or for worse, their mango with sticky rice is made at the beginning of the day and boxed for takeaway while the store is open. Those boxes do tend to fly off the shelves, so don't wait too long to nab one.

The store does have many other offerings, but you'll be hard-pressed to find anything as good as mango sticky rice.

Mae Varee sits on a main road that runs into the heart of Bangkok and therefore sees a lot of traffic. Perhaps due to a combination of this location, quality of ingredients, and reputation, Mae Varee’s prices sit higher than all other restaurants on this list.

Pratunam Sticky Rice

Opposite The Berkeley Hotel

If you find yourself in Bangkok's Pratunam area, you won’t have to look far for excellent mango sticky rice. This area is upscale with many hotels and shopping centres, but don’t pass up on seeking out this little street vendor.

Pratunam Sticky Rice has no official name, but you’ll find this stand right across from the Berkeley Hotel. It tends to appear in the evening hours, but it is possible to find mango with sticky rice here occasionally during the day.

The stall is well known by locals and has incredibly fluffy sweet rice alongside some of the largest sweet mangoes you'll ever find. Easy contender for the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok.

This street vendor is located east of the city’s main sites. Fortunately, Pratunam Sticky Rice is located right next to the famous Kaiton Chicken Rice stall.

Maliwan Kanom Thai

1-3 Rama VI Soi 30

+66 2 278 1179

Maliwan Kanom Thai is a dessert shop that needs no introduction for locals. With over 30 years in the dessert industry, they are well-known for many different delicacies – but none more so than their mango with sticky rice.

It is so popular that it can often be identified simply by the line running out the door and into the street.

After patiently waiting out the queue, the reward at the end is a gooey, decadent mango sticky rice dessert slathered in rich coconut cream. It’s obviously a crowd-pleaser, as their supply is often sold out even before lunchtime.

Maliwan Kanom Thai is located in the northern part of Bangkok and is one of many great food stalls along this particular street.

Interestingly enough, the area's street food was going to be cleared out by the government, but these vendors banded together to prevent it from happening. Good thing to seeing as Maliwan Kanom is considered to have one of the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok.

Sor Boonprakob

1474 Charoen Krung 44

+66 83 236 5655

Sor Boonprakob is another legendary mango sticky rice stall in Bangkok. They have nearly 90 years of experience and have been serving locals since the reign of Rama V.

The story goes that people used to queue up here for this delicious dessert long before people even began to ask, "What is mango sticky rice?".

The people at Sor Boonprakob definitely know how to make this mango sticky rice dessert to perfection. Their dish is a delightfully shiny mix of sticky rice, mango, and just the right amount of coconut cream to tie it all together for a perfect blend of flavour and texture.

Best of all, their portion sizes are the most generous mango sticky rice in Bangkok.

The vendor is close enough to the city centre to necessitate a visit. They open at 8am for service, but their entire supply usually sells out by noon.

Still confused about where to find the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok? Fear not. You can always join this evening Bangkok food tour and navigate some of the cities best street eats including mango sticky rice with the help of an expert local food guide.

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