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Six of the Best: Hong Kong Street Food

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Want to experience the best food Hong Kong has to offer? Stay away from the fine dining and head to the small stalls and restaurants selling some of the finest street food in the world. Hong Kong is a thriving international city with all the fancy restaurants and fine dining you’d expect. But some of the best food is to be found around the streets of Mong Kok, Causeway Bay or Sham Shui Po. Here you’ll find a vibrant street food scene full of tempting, surprising and sometimes alarming dishes. Here are six of the best.

Curry ball Hong Kong

Curry fish balls

These are real icons of the Hong Kong Street food scene. These days, though, they often don’t contain much fish and are more likely to be made from flour, but they still make a great bite. They have a nice springy texture and will be seen bobbing around in red hot curry sauce. You can either have them skewered on a bamboo stick or ladled into a takeaway container.

Stinky tofu

Stinky tofu

Fancy a snack you can smell before you see it? Stink tofu is being cooked up everywhere. It gets its special aroma from a fermentation which is usually in a brine of milk, vegetables or meat. Crispy on the outside with a nice creamy centre, this is a pretty tasty bite as long as you can force your nostrils to ignore the smell.

Snake soup

Snake soup

If you’re feeling brave why not try some snake soup? You can find these in small eateries, some of which even have live poisonous snakes surrounding diners in boxes. One of the oldest and most famous was She Wong Lam which had been going for 100 years. Unfortunately it closed last year as its owner Mak Dai-kong, who would often entertain customers by handling the venomous snakes that surround the diners, retired. The meat, when it comes, doesn’t resembles snakes, but looks a lot like mushroom soup. It tastes much the same too.

Egg waffles Hong Kong

Egg waffles

This hearty way to start the day is a perennial favourite. It’s a very simple mix of eggs, flour, sugar and evaporated milk, but the light pleasant texture makes this one of the best snacks going. Like regular waffles you can tailor it in all sorts of ways with ice cream or chocolate sauce, jam or peanut butter.

Pineapple bun Hong Kong

Pineapple buns

Locals have been gobbling this snack up for more than 70 years. Disappointingly, perhaps, they don’t have much in the way of pineapple. They get this name from the crisscross pattern across the top. What they do have, though, is a sumptuous slab of melted butter in between a light fluffy bun. Once you get started it can get pretty addictive.

Sui mai Hong Kong

Sui mai

You’ll see this recognisable snack on food stalls around the city. It really stands out thanks to its bright yellow wrapper and is made with flour kneaded with a bit of fish meat. These days, to save a bit of money, most people dispense with the fish meat, but this is still a highly popular dish, nonetheless.

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