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Things to do in Kolkata at night

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Known as the City of Joy, Kolkata’s remit for spreading the good times stretches far past the sinking of the sun. There are plenty of Western-style drinking holes and nightclubs for those who live to party, with RoxyBackstageNocturneSomeplace Elseand Tantra just some of the late-night bars in Kolkata on offer.

However, for those who prefer to venture off the beaten track and save the hangover for another day, there are a variety of other interesting experiences you can take part in once the day is done. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most interesting and original things to do in Kolkata at night for those looking for something a little bit different.


Bid for your drinks at Shisha – Bar Stock Exchange

Okay, so this still involves alcohol, but the novel idea behind it is something you won’t see every day. Instead of fixed prices or happy hours, the bar operates on the model of the free market. That means your favourite cocktail or brand of beer will fluctuate in price depending on its current demand! As the name suggests, there is also shisha to be smoked, live music to be listened to and a lengthy food menu to explore.


Have a pool party at Aqua

Another watering hole with a difference, this restaurant, bar and club offers an al fresco experience by its poolside. Soak up the sun’s rays during the day and unwind to the tunes of the resident DJ by night. There’s even a hot tub for those wishing to heat up while they chill out! The kitchen serves an extensive menu of international cuisine as well, so you won’t go hungry while you lounge by the pool.

Hugli River flotel hotel

Dine on the water at Floatel Hotel

Boasting the status of the first floating hotel, this opulent locale sits astride the Hugli River and offers a unique dining experience to guests and visitors alike. The Bridge restaurant serves up exquisite meals in candlelit settings with an unbeatable view, while The Anchorage Bar is the perfect place if you’d rather just enjoy a cocktail or two while being gently rocked by the river.


Discovery gastronomical hidden gems with the Uptown Food Tour

Kicking off just as the sun sets with a delectable tropical fruit lassi, this rambling food tour will take you to all the hotspots and food hubs that the locals know about but aren’t telling. Discover a different side to the city and visit places you’d never discover on your own, all the while snacking on sumptuous titbits of typical Kolkata cuisine. A must for any foodie. 


Go on the Midnight Heritage Tour

It’s not for nothing that Kolkata is renowned as the artistic and cultural capital of India – and you’ll discover why during this comprehensive night-time tour of the city’s architectural landmarks. You might have seen them during the day, but they take on a whole new appeal once the moon is out and the spotlights are on. Just pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes, since the tour can take up to six hours to complete!


Explore the paranormal with a Ghost Walk

Are you afraid of the dark and things that go bump in the night? If so, this option might not be for you… but those with a penchant for all things paranormal can take advantage of the various tour companies which investigate city’s darker side. Let Us Go and Seek Sherpa both take you to places said to be haunted by hateful (and harmless!) spirits of the metropolis which once served as the capital of British India.


Play football at Turf Street Baisakhi

India might not enjoy too much of a repetition for the beautiful game on a global stage, but football’s popularity in Kolkata is skyrocketing. This state-of-the-art sports centre offers football pitches and cricket grounds 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning sports fans visiting Kolkata can still get their fix of chasing a ball like a headless chicken even after business hours.

horse-drawn carriage in kolkata

Take a horse-drawn carriage

Horse-drawn carriages are available all around the world, but those which traverse Kolkata’s streets during the wee hours really push the boat out. Given that the city’s roads are normally fit to burst with bikes, cars, buses and rickshaws, their empty state at night-time is a pleasure in itself, but the pristine horses and grand chariots – complete with air conditioning, floral arrangements, soft lighting and soothing music – are the cherry on the cake. Happy riding!

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