2 December 2018 / Luke Charny / Bogota

South America, here we come!

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    2 December 2018

Today is the day that our first South American Food Tour goes live. Actually, the tour went live about a week ago, but it has taken us a few days to get this press release ready (we’re only human!). Our first foray into South America takes us to Bogotá, Colombia. The capital of Colombia is often seen as a city to pass through on the way to more touristy cities such as Medellin or Cartagena, but we think it is worth sticking around in, and not just for great food. Surrounded by towering mountains, often shrouded in atmospheric mist, the city has experienced an exponential increase in tourist numbers in recent years, fuelled by an improving security situation, and improved flight routes.

We had great fun planning this food tour, and can’t wait for you to experience it. Lina, our lead guide, is a born and raised Bogotá native and a real foodie. She is a wonderful person to explore the city with, and her smile will brighten your day. Our co-guide, Raphael, is another Bogota native with a passion for food. His enthusiasm and friendly personality will mean you will leave the tour with a warm glow in your belly and your heart.

If this is your first time touching down in Colombia, this tour is the place to begin. Your tour takes place in the traditional downtown area of Santa Fe, an historic neighbourhood which is in many ways the heart of Bogota. This is the area where the city was founded, so on your gastronomic meanderings, you will have the chance to see many of the highlights of the city, from the Museo del Oro (Gold Museum), to the Plaza Bolívar with it’s impressive Palace of Justice, Primary Cathedral of Bogota and National Capital buildings.

Your afternoon reaches it’s climax with a coffee tasting that takes your taste buds on a whistle-stop tour around the coffee growing regions of the country.

So if you don’t know your buñuelos from your arepas, Our Food Tour Is The Place To Start.

Buen provecho!

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